A minimum of 18 hours of continuing education as approved by the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is required annually for license renewal. The hours must be completed between October 1 and September 30th of each year to renew.

All licensees must obtain two (2) hours per year in Alabama Law and Board Rules and Regulations as part of the minimum 18 per year. New licensees must obtain four (4) hours prior to first license renewal and 2 hours per year for each renewal after that. All clinic owners with a Non Licensed Practice Permit must obtain two (2) hours per year in Alabama Law as part of the permit renewal.

Course Title Hours Tuition Approval #
Active Care of the Lumbar Spine for the Health Provider 6 $99 220305
Alabama Chiropractic Assistant Training Course 45 $399
Alabama Rules and Regulations Courses: 2-Hour 2 $39 220335
Alabama Rules and Regulations Courses: 4-Hour 4 $79 220336
Ankle, Leg and Foot 4 $79 220306
Bloodborne Pathogens and Communicable Disease 2 $59 220307
Case Based Approach to Soft Tissue Injury 4 $79 220337
Evaluation of Principles and Practice for the CCSP $329
G3: Gluten, Gut, and Genomics-Nutritional Considerations for Optimized Health Outcomes 3 $69 220308
Pain Management in Chiropractic Practice 6 $99 220358
Probiotics: Today's Research 4 $79 220309
Sorting out the Confusion in the Treatment of Low Back Pain 4 $79 220310
Special Populations in Chiropractic - The Osteoporotic Patient 4 (General Category) $79 220311
The Spine in Sport 6 $99 220338
Upper Extremities Rehab: Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation of UE Sports Injuries 3 $69 220339