CA Continuing Regulations to Consider (effective 2013)

6 Hours of Mandated Classes within the following categories:

  • 2 hours of Ethics and Law
  • 4 hours in any one of or combination of the following topics:
    • Chiropractic Adjustive or Manipulation Technique (our Segmental Drop course fulfills this requirement!)
    • History Taking and Physical Examination
    • Proper and Ethical Billing and Coding (our Record Keeping for CA fulfills this requirement!)

18 Hours of Elective Classes Taken from BCE approved classes

12 out of your 24 required hours can be earned from distance based learning (online)!!!

Course Title Hours Tuition Approval #
Active Care of the Lumbar Spine for the Health Provider 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Assessment and Management of the Hip 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Bloodborne Pathogens and Communicable Disease 2 $60 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Case Based Approach to Soft Tissue Injury 4 $79 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Case Studies in Chiropractic – The Cervical Spine I 6 $99 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14321 (general CE)
Chiropractic Assistant Training Course 40+ $395
Chiropractic Care of Peripheral Neuropathies 12 $199 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Concepts of a Team Chiropractor 10 $177 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Emergent Care of the Injured Individual 12 $199 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14327 (general CE)
Ethical Issues in Chiropractic Practice: 6-Hour 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14566 (mandated CE)
Evaluation of Principles and Practice for the CCSP $289
Immunization: Making Informed Choices 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Patient Care in Radiology 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-17-10-14229 (general CE)
Physical Assessment and Management of the Knee 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Pre-Hospital Airway Management 1 $35 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-1419 (general CE)
Probiotics Today's Research 4 $79 (CAA) CA-A-18-04-15039 (general CE)
Professional Boundaries and Chiropractic Practice 6 (Risk Management / Boundaries Training Category) $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14566 (mandated CE)
Recognizing Skin Conditions 6 (General Category) $99 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14329 (general CE)
Record Keeping (for California) 4 $79 (CCA) CA-A-18-04-15038 (mandated CE)
Risk Management in Chiropractic (2 Hours) 2 (Risk Management / Boundaries Training Category) $50 (UWS) CA-A-18-02-14837 (general CE)
Risk Management in Chiropractic (3 Hours) 3 (Risk Management / Boundaries Training Category) $60 (UWS) CA-A-18-02-14834 (general CE)
Risk Management in Chiropractic (4 Hours) 4 (Risk Management / Boundaries Training Category) $79 (UWS) CA-A-18-02-14835 (general CE)
Risk Management in Chiropractic (6 Hours) 6 (Risk Management / Boundaries Training Category) $99 (UWS) CA-A-18-02-14838 (general CE)
Segmental Drop Adjusting: Review of the Thompson Technique 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14565 (mandated CE)
Soft Tissue Care in Chiropractic 6 $99 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
Special Imaging for the Chiropractic Patient 10 $177 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14567 (general CE)
Special Populations in Chiropractic - The Female Patient 6 (General / 1 hour professional boundaries) $99 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14335 (general CE)
Special Populations in Chiropractic - The Osteoporotic Patient 4 (General Category) $79 (CCA) CA-A-18-01-14568 (general CE)
The Preparticipation Examination 12 $199 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14326 (general CE)
The Role of the Chiropractor in the Legal Process 6 $99 (UWS) CA-A-18-02-14839 (general CE)
The Spine in Sport 6 $99 (UWS) CA-A-17-11-14323 (general CE)