Online continuing education (CE) is now accepted in Kentucky! The following courses have been approved based on the requirements set forth in 201 KAR 21:042 and 201 KAR 21:41 for license renewal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Board voted on May 7, 2021 to extend the Emergency CE Guidance issued in
2020 regarding continuing education to include the 2022 renewal cycle. This Guidance allows licensees
to obtain all CE hours for the 2022 renewal cycle through board-approved online events. This applies
to both chiropractic and peer review licensure. The updated Emergency CE Guidance will remain in
effect through the duration of the state of emergency and for ninety (90) days thereafter. Once the 90
days passes, the CE hour changes listed above will take effect and licensees cannot obtain all of the CE
hours online.

Course Title Hours Tuition
Active Care of the Lumbar Spine for the Health Provider 6 $99
Case Based Approach to Soft Tissue Injury 4 $79
Case Studies: Lumbar Spine Discopathies - Patient Care and Imaging 6 $99
Chiropractic Assistant Training Course 40+ $399
Evaluation of Principles and Practice for the CCSP $329
Probiotics: Today's Research 4 $79
Risk Management: Patient Doctor Communications and Cardiac Emergencies 4 $79
Shoulder Region Musculoskeletal Imaging 3 $69
Special Populations in Chiropractic - The Female Patient 6 (General / 1 hour professional boundaries) $99