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Hours: 10


Course Description

This 10 hour distance based course will provide health care providers with current information regarding acupuncture. This course will predominately use the term TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), to refer to the theory and practice of all modalities you may practice as a Licensed Acupuncturist (acupuncture, herbal remedies, cupping, Gua-sha, Tui-na, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and nutrition). This term is synonymous with Eastern Medicine (EM), East Asian Medicine (EAM), Oriental Medicine (OM), and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AOM).
**This course is for Continuing Education purposes only.


The learner’s time spent studying and participating in the course is tracked electronically. A formal multiple-choice examination is administered at the termination of the course materials. There will be at least three questions for every hour of the class. The learner must receive a score of 75% of the total possible points and log at least ten hours to receive credit for the course. Learners not achieving the pass rate will be directed to additional study by the instructor and allowed to re-take the examination.

No textbooks required. Computer and Internet service required for completion of this course. Funding sources and potential conflicts of interest statement: No funds were received, underwritten or subsidized by any vendors of any goods including supplies or services for this course.


Introduction to Theory:
Qi: Review of the theory of Qi, types of Qi, actions of Qi.
Yin and Yang: Review the theory of Yin Yang. Review the concept of the Yin Yang symbol. Review Yin Yang classification of certain components. Review Yin Yang as the concept of disease and disease pattern types. Review of channel classification of Yin and Yang.
Five elements: Review of Five Element Theory and application to disease patterns. Review of Five Element cycles in harmony and disease states.
Blood and Body Fluids: Review of concept and actions of blood. Review of conceptbody fluids, disharmony of body fluids.

TCM Diagnosis:
Pulse: Review of pulse diagnosis, different types of pulses and descriptions.
Tongue: Review of tongue diagnosis, identification of patterns, drugs that can alternate presentation.

TCM Nutrition: Concept of TCM nutrition and differentiation from Western nutrition. Concept of properties of different foods. Application to TCM patterns. Chart of common food properties.

Treatment Application:
ZangFu Patterns: Review of different ZangFu patterns for each organ. Chart summaries of patterns differentiated by excess, deficiency or combination. Charts inclusive of applicable herbal formulas, acupuncture prescriptions, symptom presentation, tongue and pulse diagnoses and common Western pattern correlation.

Extraordinary Points: Review of extraordinary points, location, indications and clinical correlation.

Western Patterns: Lists of common Western conditions that present for acupuncture treatment and correlation with appropriate TCM diagnosis patterns.

Pregnancy: Use of acupuncture treatment in the role of pregnancy.


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