Physical Assessment and Management of the Knee

Tuition: $99
Hours: 6


Course Description

This six-hour distance based course will provide Doctors of Chiropractic with current information concerning the evaluation and management of the knee.  Topics covered will include the history and physical examination, diagnostic imaging, manual therapy, taping, rehabilitation and injury prevention.  The course is designed for the general practicing Doctor of Chiropractic.  The learner’s participation (time) is actively tracked and logged.


The learner’s time spent studying course materials is tracked electronically.  A learning outcome examination is administered at the termination of the course materials.  There will be at least three questions for every hour of the class.  True/False, multiple choice, short answer and essay questions may be used.  A final score of 80% or greater is required for completion of the course. Learners not achieving the pass rate will be directed to additional study by the instructor and allowed to re-take the examination.



  1. Physical examination of the knee
  2. Diagnostic imaging
  3. Movement pattern assessment
  4. Manual therapies
  5. Rehabilitation of knee disorders
  6. Chiropractic management of knee injuries


In this course the learner will:

  1. Review the pathophysiology of knee pathologies.
  2. Take a focused history pertaining to a knee complaint.
  3. Describe the known risk factors for ACL injury.
  4. Perform a physical examination of the knee joint.
  5. Apply the Ottawa Knee Guidelines to their clinical practice.
  6. Properly document mobilization at the knee joint by Maitland’s Grades.
  7. Indicate which advanced imaging techniques may be appropriate for differential diagnosis of the knee.
  8. Distinguish abnormal radiographic findings from normal anatomy.
  9. Describe basic rehabilitation concepts relevant to the knee joint.
  10. Learn about commonly encountered knee conditions.
  11. Review the art of history taking as it specifically relates to the knee.
  12. Know the standard of care concerning the physical examination of the patient with a knee complaint.
  13. Analyze the history and physical examination to determine a chiropractic care plan.


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