The Spine in Sport

Tuition: $99
Hours: 6


Course Description

This six hour distance-based course will provide you with the current information concerning chiropractic care of the spine in the athlete.  This course is designed for the general practicing doctor.


Multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and short answer quiz questions are used to confirm your subject knowledge. This course requires a passing score of 75%, or you will be directed to re-visit areas needing more study to resubmit your quiz answers. The idea is to help you learn, not for you to fail the quiz questions.  You must also log a minimum of 6 hours (the learner’s time spent studying course materials is tracked electronically) and respond to 1 discussion question.



  1. Discussion of the criteria and applications of return to play criteria for the athlete who has sustained a spinal injury.
  2. Identification and classifications of conditions that may indicate that participation in sporting activity will not be safe.
  3. Spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis and athletics. The etiology as it relates to sport, physical assessment, and treatment options
  4. Transient neurological injury is discussed including treatment guidelines.
  5. Review of case study involving disc herniations and chiropractic management of disc injury in the athlete.
  6. Analysis of congenital spinal problems and the identification of chiropractic management of these individuals in sport. Conditions discussed include Down’s syndrome, Scheuermann’s Disease and several congenital malformations of the spine.


In this course the learner will:

  • Identify an objective plan to use in safely returning an injured athlete to play
  • Learn about spinal conditions that may not be safe for sports participation
  • Develop clinical the clinical skills required for the physical examinations that are specific to the spine in the athlete
  • Understand how transient neurological injury occurs and when these individuals can and cannot return to sport
  • Review disc injury and sports participation
  • Identify congenital spinal malformations as they relate to participation in athletics
  • Enhance your confidence in making decisions regarding athletics and our role as a chiropractor


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