Nicolas Campos


Dr. Nick Campos has been a practicing chiropractor for 20 years, dedicating his life to helping people tap into their incredible self-healing, self-regulating powers. As a chiropractic sports physician, he treats both professional and amateur athletes, with an emphasis on shoulder, low back and hip injuries.

Dr. Campos is a regular lecturer to chiropractors in the state of California, teaching sports injury protocols, where he synchronizes cutting-edge science of western rehabilitative techniques with eastern wisdom of yoga and martial arts. His courses provide attendees with a well-rounded and balanced perspective on the natural healing arts.

Dr. Campos is also an avid writer on health and wellness principles and a regular contributor to Dynamic Chiropractic, The Life Change Network, Champions Club Community, Fortylicious and Bizymoms. He is the author of the progressive health manual, The Six Keys to Optimal Health, and the comprehensive guide to self-awareness through inner silence, Seeking The Self Through Meditation.