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DConline Launches New Website

Posted on August 12, 2015 in

For over a decade, DConline users have browsed their course catalog and navigated their web page at With the assistance of Matt Brown Creative Designs, DConline will launch a new and improved website in August of 2015 at The new mobile friendly site provides browsers with stream lined information about DConline’s course offerings, sports certification programs, chiropractic assistant trainings, and much more!

Check out the certification programing page to find a CCSP or DACBSP program that fits you! All of DConline’s sports certification programs provide doctors with the convenience of obtaining half of the hour requirement online. The live hours span across the United States from East to West coast and even Alaska!

With over 8,000 registered users, DConline is the leader for distance based learning for chiropractors. Explore their new site today to learn more about their experienced instructors and course offerings!