News > Dr. Moreau Presents on Concussion at the SOMA Scientific Assembly in Charlotte on May 26, 2016

Dr. Moreau Presents on Concussion at the SOMA Scientific Assembly in Charlotte on May 26, 2016

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Today, Dr. Bill Moreau will present on concussion at the Special Operations Medical Association’s (SOMA) Scientific Assembly. SOMA is the only medical association in the world that brings together the unique blend of pre-hospital, tactical, wilderness, austere, disaster and deployed medicine with a primary goal to advance the art and science of special operations medical care through the education and professional development of special operations medical providers. SOMA provides a forum for military and civilian medical providers, academia and industry from around the world to meet and exchange ideas in their Scientific Assembly, through their official publication, the Journal of Special Operations Medicine (JSOM), and their Mini-SOMA Conferences. SOMA advances the science, technology and skills of unconventional medicine with a mission to improve the capability of the SOF Medical Operator and to serve as a Combat Enabler for US Special Operations Forces.

“It is a tremendous honor and a privilege to be able to present and learn from some of the best physicians and healthcare providers in the world at the SOMA conference. “ says Dr. Moreau.

Dr. Moreau will present on US Olympic Committee Concussion Management Strategy through a discussion of current trends in concussion management in Olympic athletes, based on recent developments in active rehabilitation concepts.  This talk will review the latest research on NFL Athletes and current application of active and vestibular rehabilitation concepts in Olympic athletes.

The Special Operations Medical Association Scientific Assembly is the premiere and most relevant international medical society in the world hosting a meeting of more than 1000 attendees from more than two dozen countries.