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Which Concussion Assessment is the Most Useful?

Posted on March 13, 2018 in

Quantifying the Value of Multidimensional Assessment Models for Acute Concussion: An Analysis of Data from the NCAA-DoD Care Consortium. Garcia P. et al. This new study published FEB 2018 demonstrates the value of multidimensional assessment models such as the SCAT 5 for concussion assessment.  Logistic regression models were analyzed to determine which combinations of standard concussion assessments best assess acute concussion. The results suggest the importance of the SCAT symptom assessments in acute concussion evaluation and support the use of assessment using several tools over isolated assessments.  Balance assessments might not provide additional benefit when symptom and neurocognitive assessments are available. Change scores provide some clinical utility over raw scores, but the difference may not be clinically meaningful. We need to ensure that we are assessing concussion through several methods, emphasizing the symptom score.