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Book and Product Recommendations for Sports Physicians

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The following textbooks come highly recommended by Dr. Moreau for DCs studying to get their CCSP and DACBSP certifications, and for any Sports Physician! You will not regret having these books in your library!

From the ACBSP’s Reading List:

PPE: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation 5th ed

PPE book 5th ed.jpg


BLS Provider Manual 2020

BLS Book.jpg


Brukner and Khan Clinical Sports Medicine 5th Ed Vol 1

B and K Book 5th Ed Vol 1.jpg


Orthopedic Physical Examination Tests: An Evidence Based Approach

Orthopedic Phys Exam Book.jpg


Functional Soft-Tissue Examination and Treatment

Funct Soft Tiss Book.jpg


Prehospital Emergency Care

Prehospital Emergency Care Book.jpg


Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

Essentail of Training.jpg


Athletic Taping and Bracing 3rd Ed

Taping and Bracing Book.jpg


Essentials of Skeletal Radiology

Essentials of Skeletal Rad Book.jpg



Other Texts Dr. Moreau Recommends:

Sports Injury Assessment and Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Book.jpg


ASCM’s Primary Sports Medicine

ACSM Book.jpg


Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete: Expert Consult – Online and Print 4th Ed

Phys Rehab Book.jpg


Here is a link to the stethoscope  recommended by Dr. Moreau:

The Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope












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