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Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Chiropractic Society 2005 Letter to Doctors

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The Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Chiropractic Society have worked closely together for a number of years regarding issues important to the health and safety of student-athletes. As part of our relationship, we send Doctors of Chiropractic across the state information to assist them in being better prepared to deal with concerns student-athletes and their parents may have. We hope you find the following information, and enclosures, of special interest as you provide care for student-athletes in your area of the state, or serve as a high school team physician.

  1. Heat illness. The Iowa High School Athletic Association has worked very hard to provide schools information about heat illness. We know you also work very hard during late summer and early fall practices to ensure that student-athletes do not suffer from heat illness. Your assistance in reinforcing the caution that must be exercised by coaches when young athletes practice or compete in hot, humid weather is appreciated. A heat index chart & hydration recommendations have been mailed to all schools. A copy of that information is available on our web site, by clicking on “Wellness.”
  2. Head-Down Contact in Football. In April 2004, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association published a position statement titled, “Head-Down Contact & Spearing in Tackle Football.” The position statement listed twenty-four (24) recommendations to minimize the risk of cervical spine injuries in tackle football. Of those 24 recommendations, 17 relate to coaching and the proper technique to minimize the risk of catastrophic cervical spine injuries. For your reference, we’ve attached a copy of the recommendations sent to schools with football programs. We feel it is also important to point out that Iowa was the first state in the nation, over 30 years ago, to implement rules protecting players from head and neck injuries. We appreciate you working with us to protect football players from head and neck injuries.
  3. Concussion Management. Several times over the past few years this mailing has included a management of concussion in sports palm card published by the AAN & Brain Injury Association. At the 2nd International Conference on Concussion in Sport held in 2004 a more standardized sport concussion assessment tool was developed, along with a patient education sheet. We have attached this information in hopes it will give you easy access to information that may help you in evaluating concussions and determining a student-athlete’s ability to return to participation safely.
  4. Rules governing the use of braces and special equipment in high school athletics. Handouts on wearing special equipment and braces, and the casting/splinting rule in football, have been attached to keep you informed of what materials and equipment national high school rules allow when protecting an injured athlete. Please feel free to make additional copies of these handouts, if you wish. They are also available on our web site by going to the “Forms” section under “Administrative.
  5. CA-MRSA Information Sheet. As I’m sure you are well aware, the incidence of CA-MRSA is occurring more frequently in sport settings. We have enclosed a very brief overview of CA-MRSA as a possible resource for your patients. This information has also been sent to Licensed Athletic Trainers and all 7-12 schools in Iowa. Hopefully this emphasis will help minimize of junior and senior high school athletes contracting CA-MRSA.
  6. IHSAA Wellness Information via the Internet. The Athletic Association provides a variety of wellness information concerning athletics via our web site. Simply go to our home page and go to “Wellness.” We encourage you to use this information whenever it is appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding this mailing or the health, wellness, and safety of high school student-athletes please feel free to contact me at the Athletic Association office. (515) 432-2011


Richard Wulkow
Executive Director
Iowa High School Athletic Association

– and –

Dr. William Moreau, DC, DACBSP
ICS liaison to the Iowa High
School Athletic Association


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