Immunization: Making Informed Choices

Tuition: $99
Hours: 6


Course Description

Dr. Lisa Killinger will lead this six-hour course that provides for the exploration of resources and research on immunizations and vaccine safety, in the context of chiropractic philosophy and professional responsibility. This seminar will provide balanced, valid information and will introduce an array of resources to help doctors of chiropractic evaluate the literature and develop their own position on immunizations. These preparations will allow the doctor to prepare parents and patients to make educated choices regarding this important health issue. The learner’s activities and actual course time is tracked electronically.  The learner is engaged in this distance-based class by the use of interactive teaching tools.


  • Review all on-line materials
  • Complete required study questions
  • Visit the required websites and answer related study questions



The learner’s time spent studying and participating in the course is tracked electronically.  A formal multiple-choice examination is administered at the termination of the course materials.  There will be at least three questions for every hour of the class.  The learner must receive a score of 75% of the total possible points and log at least six hours to receive credit for the course.  Learners not achieving the pass rate will be directed to additional study by the instructor and allowed to re-take the examination.

Evaluation Process

Written examination: ~ 20 question on-line examination.


  1. Framing the discussion on immunizations and child health Review PowerPoint presentation
  2. Immunization basics
  3. Common childhood disease, risks, complications
  4. Introduction to scientific literature on immunization
  5. Specific vaccines, risks and recommended schedules
  6. Mercury and other controversies
  7. Common chiropractic arguments against vaccination
  8. Practical look at decisions to not immunize
  9. Appropriate additional resources for patients and parents


  • Gain familiarity with common childhood diseases, their prognoses and potential complications
  • Summarize the chiropractic and non-chiropractic literature on immunization
  • Introduce scientifically sound informational resources regarding immunization
  • Examine specific vaccines, their risks, and recommended immunization schedules
  • Explore common chiropractic arguments against vaccination
  • Discuss the real life implications for parents who decide against some or all immunizations


This syllabus is a representation of the requirements for successful completion of the course, containing the objectives, content, organization, and evaluation processes. It is the student’s responsibility to read, comprehend, and act on the syllabus’ objectives, content, and requirements. The faculty teaching this course reserves the right to reasonably alter the sequence of activities, assignment dates, and evaluation and assignment methods or styles. Every effort will be made to inform the class members in advance of such changes. Students are responsible for following the syllabus and any changes instituted by the faculty. Should there be any questions or need for reasonable interpretation of clarification of the syllabus, the student must contact the lead course instructor/syllabus author(s) to obtain answers to the above.

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