Certification Programming

Course work for the CCSP® and DACBSP® post graduate training is co-sponsored by a CCE approved college. These courses include live and distance based online instruction. The focus of our offerings is the Sports Chiropractic area. There are two specialty certifications available as CCSP® or the DACBSP®. DACBSP examinations require the doctor to be certified as a CCSP® before taking the examinations.

I took my CCSP test at the Symposium and wanted to express my thanks for a great class. Not only did I feel this class helped me be well-prepared for the exam, but, and perhaps more importantly, I have been able to take what I learned in the course and apply it to my everyday practice.

Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician® (CCSP®) Programs
Sports Diplomate (DACBSP®) Programs
If you are interested in having one of these program brought to your state
or area please contact Dr. Bill Moreau.

DConline’s Evaluation of Principles and Practice for the CCSP® serves as a great Review Course for those preparing to sit for the CCSP® examination!

NOTE: The Chiropractic Assistant courses can be found under DConline’s online course offering under Training Programs.