Sorting out the Confusion in the Treatment of Low Back Pain

Tuition: $79
Hours: 4


Course Description

This four hour course is a survey of the chiropractic assessment and treatment for a number of common presentations of low back pain into chiropractic offices. This course discusses the impact of low back pain in the United States, the conundrum of the high failure rate in treating low back pain, and unique signs and symptoms of three common musculoskeletal origins of low back pain. Red flags and medical emergencies, as well as a number of common organic causes of low back pain will also be discussed, as well as how to manage them.

The technique portion of the course will discuss listings, patient setup, doctor setup, contact points, and line of drive. Varying spinal listings will be compared and contrasted, and combinatory dysfunctions will be addressed with regard to treatment hierarchy.

This course will be valuable for veteran and new chiropractors alike, as it not only describes and demonstrates numerous chiropractic adjustments (Gonstead and Diversified), but also discusses why so many patient presentations end up as enigmas, leading to a revolving door of multiple doctors’ assessments, various treatments, and ultimately, patient frustration.


The learner’s time spent studying and participating in the course is tracked electronically.  A formal multiple-choice examination is administered at the termination of the course materials.  There will be at least three questions for every hour of the class.  The learner must receive a score of 75% of the total possible points and log at least three hours to receive credit for the course.  Learners not achieving the pass rate will be directed to additional study by the instructor and allowed to re-take the examination.


  • An overview of low back pain statistics in the U.S., and its cost in money, time and disability
  • Review history taking and exam of the low back region. Review red flags, medical emergencies, and organic causes of low back pain
  • Understand common presentations of various joint dysfunctions (subluxations) of the low back region
  • Review and/or learn technique of set up and adjustment for the three low back regions – pelvic, sacral, and lumbar.
  • Review treatment protocols, prognosis and referral protocols for the various causes of low back pain


To present licensee with a foundation with which to approach the most common presentations of low back pain into modern chiropractic offices. Licensee will review history taking and examination techniques to confirm or rule out various factors of low back pain, and will learn some tips to help the doctor with differential diagnosis. Licensee will learn various Gonstead and Diversified setups for subluxation dysfunctions of the sacroiliac joints and lumbosacral disks.


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